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About Malakye

Malakye is a professional space for people who are as much individuals as professionals, for those who want to hire and be hired as much as for who they are as for what they do. It’s a special platform and we welcome you to join us.

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Founded in Los Angeles, California, Malakye was born from a simple idea that was developed in tandem with the evolving digital landscape. Founder, Chad Mihalick, first drew inspiration from the 'niche job board' business model and decided to apply it specifically to the action sports industries. By 2007, Malakye's reach had expanded dramatically. What had begun as a 'lightbulb’ moment about the need for a nexus among lifestyle brands had become a thriving network, covering the entire branded lifestyle ecosystem.

Chad Mihalick created Malakye for people like him.

To Chad, it was always important to have a place where who you are as a person is as important as who you are as a professional. He saw the opportunity to create a centralized resource for the creative, branded lifestyle world from within and dedicated himself to realizing his vision of fostering a thriving job market for the ones who are the batteries behind the brands.

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What we do

Malakye is a platform where the people and brands of lifestyle-driven industries connect, communicate, share, find events and inspiration, and stay plugged into news and happenings.


with the people who drive industries and create trend


Find jobs

focused on the niches filled with the world’s greatest brands and nothing else. Just the best of the best brands


and share

through status updates and messaging


and inspiration

of all different types brought to you by the Malakye community


Stay plugged in

through news and stories


This is the place for you!

If you’re someone who finds fulfillment and enjoyment through combining your personal interests and profession, this is the place for you.

Malakye’s platform is centralized around your personality, allowing the humanity of every member to shine through. Share Photos from your adventures, post stories from your adventures in the wild and at work. We want the 360-degree view of who you really are because being real is welcome and encouraged here.

What moves us

The Malakye ethos is all about the pursuit of personal greatness and the belief that acceptance of oneself is required to accomplish it. We all have a personal ‘best’ to reach for and surrounding ourselves with others out to reach their best is sustaining. Witnessing the people who strengthen the platform and each other through showcasing their personalities and professional endeavors inspires us even more!


What’s in an icon

Another of Chad’s creations, the Malakye logo also carries deep personal significance. It is a visual reminder to remember the big picture. In life and business, any goal is attainable with a clear objective and the ability to split a problem into three key components to tackle with ease. By pursuing simplicity we stay centered, focused, and always moving forward.


Where we’re going

The path of improvement is neverending. Malakye is a talent highway and we plan to continue breaking ground until every member of the industries we belong to has access to every opening they might fit. We have expanded our scope to global proportions to provide the greatest opportunity for the good people and brands that make up this community. After all,
birds of a feather flock together, and we odd birds migrate
all over the world.


What's in a name

Ma-lackey…Mala-kay…Mala-key…Ma-liki-liki. The funny pronunciations of Malakye have amused us for years and they always will.
And we always understand when people don’t get it right away. After all, Chad devised the spelling himself. He sounded it out,
wrote it down, and ran with it. To those in the know, it’s ‘Malachi’ like the Old Testament prophet. More specifically, this Malakye is a nickname Chad (whose last name
is Mihalick, an anagram of yet another Malachi pronunciation) acquired from the 1984 horror film Children of the Corn. He embraced
his quirky nickname by customizing it further when he founded his company.


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