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Active Ride Shop Careers and Employment in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Active Ride Shop

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Rancho Cucamonga | US
Moto & Powersports
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Rooted in the action sports lifestyle, Active is the premier multichannel retailer dedicated to authenticity and committed to our youth culture movement.


• Our People - Active is defined by our people. Our employees believe in our business, because their passions revolve around it. We are committed to providing opportunity and empowering our team members so that their career within Active is guided by their own motivation and passion. Active will achieve growth through investing in our people. We understand that the best customer service begins with how we serve our people; through honesty, respect, open communication, and a merit based work environment.

• Our Product - We deliver a superior experience to our customers, with great product as the driving factor. We go to great lengths to always be pushing forward with trends and product mix through the appropriate channels that remain true to who we are. We have a commitment to bring a more sophisticated approach to product selection and always measure any new product up to the quality and authenticity that our customers have come to expect from Active. We aim to provide value and a connection to our customers through products that are compelling and relevant.

• Our (Business) Standards - We operate with honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency in our daily business activities in order to maintain financial health. We foster relationships that are mutually beneficial for Active and our stakeholders. By committing to these values we provide our people with growth, prosperity, opportunity, and security.

• Our Community - Whether it’s our people, our suppliers, or our customers, Active’s relationship with our community extends beyond the transaction. We strive to create ambassadors for Active by committing to an authentic experience in our stores and bringing our community together through positive events and programs.

• Our Culture - Our culture draws from our roots in skateboarding, is fueled by the energy of the Southern California lifestyle, and is strengthened by the diverse passions and interests of our people. We promote our culture through interactions and relationships within our communities. The common bond is a sense of ownership and pride in Active.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291