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Axion Footwear Careers and Employment in Ventura, CA

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Axion Footwear

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Ventura | US
As a professional skateboarder and owner of various companies, Kareem Campbell brought a lot of style and creativity to skateboarding. Campbells first pro model shoe, the KCK on DUFFS in 1995, had marked the beginning of a whole new direction in skateboard footwear design. When Kareem started his own skate shoe brand Axion Footwear in 1997, the whole industry was watching. 
Axion Footwear broke down the pre-conceived barrier between shoes considered strictly for skateboarding and those meant soley for "chilling". Axion presented a significant break from the norm. Other manufacturers followed suit and dared to make skate shoes more athletic-looking and technically advanced than before Axion had opened the door. 
Axion Footwear hit some rocky ground after parting ways with Dwindle Distribution in 2001 and was discontinued a few years afterward. While other manufacturers relied on the proven formula of all-suede shoes in classic cuts. Kareem Campbell combined a multitude of influences- from sport to street fashion - into a distinct line of shoes that turned out highly skateable. The team included Kareem together with Gino Lanucci, Caine Gayle, and Guy Mariano. 
The "God Father" of Streetwear is back. Kareem has brought back Axion to its original glory with originality and innovation that has been missing ever since the brand disappeared. Axion Footwear is more than a skateboard shoe, it is an identity. Separate yourself from the rest and experience the difference only Axion can deliver. Welcome to Axion 2.0. 
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291