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C-Mrk, Inc. Careers and Employment in Vernon, CA

C-Mrk, Inc.

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Vernon | US
Moto & Powersports
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Ocean Current is a surf and skate apparel brand that carries a complete collection of Little Boys (2T-7X), Boys (8-20), and Young Men’s clothing. Offering a full range of Wovens, Knits, T-shirts, Bottoms and Outerwear such as Jackets and Hoodies. Ocean Current is quickly becoming a full-scale boy’s and men’s apparel line with national recognition and a growing following. Founded in 2005 as a part of C-Mrk, Inc., Ocean Current began building a team of elite individuals from all walks of life as a result of increased interest in the burgeoning brand. The misfit seeming team brought a bevy of experiences to the table with common ideals such as creating an exciting and continuously evolving brand, filling a need for high quality, well-designed skate and surf clothing at exclusive price points, and maintaining a fun and prosperous environment. Another common thread amongst the beginning team was most had once worked at a premier surf/skate apparel company. With the addition of a Marketing Director plucked from an entertainment marketing and promotions background, a sourcing and production liaison that has worked the action sports apparel gamut, and the experience of C-Mrk, Inc., which has specialized in private label manufacturing for almost thirty years, Ocean Current’s lineup has become a very solid one.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291