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Charles River Apparel Careers and Employment in sharon, MA

Charles River Apparel

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sharon | US
Charles River Apparel is a family-owned and operated business that has over a quarter century’s experience manufacturing and selling superior quality apparel for men, women and children. We utilize a superb network of decorators, promotional product distributors, team dealers, college bookstores as well as resort and retail stores across the United States to distribute our products. The company was founded in 1983 by Walter Lipsett who envisioned a clothing line combining the New England concepts of value and performance. Today, his son Barry Lipsett now owns the company and is also the President. Under Barry’s keen eye the company has grown to showcase a unique product mix of high quality, stylish apparel including polos, jackets, fleece, rainwear and performance activewear.

Charles River Apparel has been listed as one of the top 100 Sporting Goods Manufacturers in the United States and has been awarded the prestigious Bobbin All Star Award for innovation in technology, excellence in management and corporate goodwill. Charles River Apparel has also been recognized by top business publications such as the Boston Business Journal, the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald for innovative products and consistent growth. The company's corporate culture has been recognized as a 'Best Place to Work' by Boston Magazine and Charles River Apparel was recently chosen by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce as one of the Top 10 Small Businesses of 2011 in the state of Massachusetts.

From its inception, the company's credo has been to give excellent value for the money, a New England tradition. Charles River Apparel does that by incorporating the latest technology and materials into their designs. The result is state of the art activewear with a reasonable price. Although quality and value are paramount at Charles River Apparel, service has always been a hallmark of who they are. When customers call Charles River Apparel they talk to humans, not machines. No endless voice automation, no maddening numbers to press again and again; just friendly, alert human beings who listen and care about your questions and concerns. Plus with over a million garments in stock, orders are usually out the door in 24 hours. A claim few in the industry can make.

Barry Lipsett, President & Owner, has a business philosophy he calls Power 10™. This term, borrowed from the sport of rowing, calls for all members of a rowing team to do ten of their most powerful strokes to stay ahead of the competition. The essential values of rowing: perseverance, determination and above all, teamwork, are the characteristics that continue to uniquely define Charles River Apparel.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291