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Gramicci Careers and Employment in Agoura Hills, CA

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Agoura Hills | US
So there was Mike Graham climbing Yosemite in the 70’s, hangin’ out with some climbing buddies who decided to do the first clean all-Italian ascent of Half Dome, except they weren’t Italian, so they changed their names turning Graham into Gramicci and the name stuck. Mike used the name Gramicci for his authentic climbing gear and original clothing brand, which really took off in ’82 when Gramicci pioneered the first ever climbing pants and shorts with crotch gussets and built-in nylon belts to allow freedom-of-movement. Outside Magazine named “the G-Climbing Short" one of the most influential pieces of all time. The innovations didn’t stop there, every product that Gramicci designs provides freedom-of-movement because we never forget our climbing roots; our tops are engineered with high-low hems as well as underarm hinges to increase mobility. 

When people take off their Gramicci’s they usually have a good reason. For well over 30 years, Gramicci customers have found our innovative “freedom-of-movement” designs irresistible. Our philosophy is to always be original, always lead the pack and never ever stop!  

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291