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Green World Bike Company Inc. Careers and Employment in canoga park, CA

Green World Bike Company Inc.

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canoga park | US

Our Mission

Here at Green World Bike our goal is to help you Join the E-Bike Revolution that is now spreading around the Globe.

We design electrical bicycles that help people to unlock their spirit and gain their freedom by being transportable without depending on public transportation or being depended on owning regular cars which are very expensive to maintain. The electric bike combines the convenience of a car with the advantages of a bicycle. Our cost per mile is around 0.009 cents while average car (from small to large) operating and maintenance cost vary between 46.4 cents to 75.1 cents per mile. Just imagine what you can do with the extra money that you save every day. The ability to arrive at work on a bike but with little to no sweat, and not worry about traffic or parking. Now that's called Freedom!

Moreover, our electric bikes are friendly to the environment since they do not emit carbon dioxide.

Our Story

Green World Bike Inc. is a world leading designer and manufacturer of Electric Bicycles with a global presence. Combing our European Design team together with a leading manufacturing facility in China, helps us to match our loyal customers' desires at affordable prices and thus become a world leader in this fast growing industry.

In January 2015, we will open our first warehouse in the US and we are now adding new dealers to our growing list of partners across the US continent.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291