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GromBiz USA Careers and Employment in Lake Stevens, WA

GromBiz USA

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Lake Stevens | US
Moto & Powersports
Grom Biz Skateboard Innovations Grom Biz (Grommets in Business for Grommets) has produced a product that has the potential to revolutionize the skateboard industry. In 2006 Grom Biz launched the C11 Scriber in Australia with the intentions of testing the market, business strategies and the product. This saw the steady sale of nearly 1000 boards in Australia, which was used to gather feed back and input into a continued R&D program. Grom Biz managed to make good business contacts in Australia throughout 2006 and considered the C11 Scriber to be a very successful product. The C11 Scriber has a full patent covering its major markets and has in place an exclusive manufacturing agreement with an accredited ISO9000 manufacturer. In 2007 Grom Biz traveled to San Diego to attend the ASR (Action Sport Retailers) trade show to gather more market feedback in the USA, to consolidate its findings in Australia and it’s assumptions of the USA Market. New relationships lead to the development of their second product the Grom Biz C2 board offering a more conventional ride which customers can continue to build on to further broaden their riding styles. Grom Biz will never “mass produce”, low priced products, rather offering high value and high quality products with a very wide range of specialty features, versatility and wide market application. As of late 2007 Grom Biz formed a public company to launch the Grom Biz technology and brand on a global scale. The future is very exciting here at the Grom Biz HQ. The social alliances of the company will be to engage the youth of the community to develop its R&D and new product focus and provide a real environment where youth can contribute to innovation in the surf and skateboarding market and be rewarded through market growth and development. Grom Biz will also be active in the community operating and contributing to youth support programs and activities. “We have brought a new era to the skateboarding journey with the Grom Biz truck.” Ben Lukoszek Truck developer.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291