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Hemlock Hat Company Careers and Employment in Carlsbad, CA

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Hemlock Hat Company

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Carlsbad | US
Moto & Powersports

With each day comes a new opportunity to soak in the world around you. Hemlock is a San Diego-based headwear brand made to create connection: to the world, to the present, and to the soul. Hemlock provides premium style and shade for everyone, with unisex collections to elevate any day, any outing. Through a deep commitment to craftsmanship, superior quality, and endless exploration, Hemlock inspires stylish self-expression in everyday moments.


To inspire people to seek out meaningful connections.

Core Values

These are the guide for everything we do.

1.  Connection: at the heart of everything we do is a deep respect for the power of connection

2.  Craftsmanship: we're inspired by the joy, creativity, and artisanship it takes to craft beautiful, long-lasting headwear

3. Commitment: we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to our products and our customer experience

4. Optimism: we approach our work, and life, with an infinite sense of optimism that allows us to weather any storm and focus on the inevitable brighter days ahead

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291