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In4mation LLC Careers and Employment in New York, NY

In4mation LLC

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New York | US
Moto & Powersports
Since In4mation opened its first retail store in 2002, they have established themselves as Hawaii’s premiere retailers of skate and streetwear. Their collective knowledge of business, style and design led to a successful t-shirt line that has since been offered to select locations throughout the world. In April 2007, In4mation opened their design studio and showroom in NYC to launch their mens and womens apparel range. Creative director Rhandy Tambio, who has worked as a designer for nearly a decade in the action sports and urban market, is heading up In4mation in NYC, while fellow co-partners Todd Shimabuku, Ryan Arakaki and Jun Jo oversee marketing, sales and operations at the two locations on Oahu, Hawaii. Designer Elska Sandor joined the In4mation family to focus on the women’s line. Elska has over 11 years experience in the skate and street industry and was also the co-founder of NYC’s Rookie Skateboards. The family of In4mants are continually looking to concentrate on what they want to see happen in the apparel market and they are constantly trying to evolve as originality is something that they always try to stride for. Strength in numbers = Power to the people. I shall proceed…and continue.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291