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KIRSH Helmets Careers and Employment in Schenectady, NY

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KIRSH Helmets

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Schenectady | US
Moto & Powersports
Founded in January 2017, KIRSH Helmets, Inc. (KIRSH) is a 100% "Made in America" manufacturer of patented revolutionary impact technology for safety helmets. The core invention for KIRSH is the Fluid Displacement Liner TM (FDL), which is specifically engineered to deliver unparalleled Style. Performance. Comfort. to all helmet wearers. KIRSH has successfully re-engineered how a helmet is to be made. Unlike stale helmet technological approaches that comprise of Fiber Glass Shells (which are designed to dent and delaminate on impacts) with Foam Liners inside of the helmet (which are designed to compress when exposed to energy in a linear direction on impacts), that have remained prevalent in the marketplace for 6+ decades running, the KIRSH FDL responds to kinetic energy created from impacts in a starkly different and more efficient manner. A KIRSH helmet shell focuses on energy deflection (moving crash energy away from the head) and displacement (remaining energy entering the helmet to be moved omni-directionally around the head). Because of KIRSH's engineering, our helmets more effectively and efficiently respond to rotational forces and angular acceleration of the brain that are created during impacts - this is of great importance to helmet wearers as existing helmet technology has only been tuned to respond to Linear forces. According to studies, rotational forces are the root cause of 80% of Brain Injuries (such as CTE, TBI, etc.). Additionally, FDL technology delivers an ultra-low profile look . This trait enables a sleek, aerodynamic design of the helmet that combats "wind drag" (i.e. when helmets catch the wind and then create resistance to the rider's neck and head that constantly pull on and tire the rider's neck posture) and the "wind flap" noise in the wearer's ear during a ride. FDL technology also delivers a more natural and comfortable fit for helmet wearers, because the silicone and silicone fluid materials used are especially designed for repeated and comfortable contact with the human body. FDL technology naturally conforms the liner to the rider's head, creating a comfortable, cooling, snug feel - these benefits characteristics are unique to fluid technology and is in stark contrast to conventional helmet approaches that require the helmet wearer to tighten down a helmet band around stiff foam material. The inaugural helmet application for FDL technology is the CHM-1 Half-Shell Motorcycle Helmet, which is planned to launch later this year. Beyond Motorcycle Helmets (and growing beyond the Half-Shell form, into all helmet forms), KIRSH sees a huge runway for its FDL technology in 27 applications across Motor Vehicles, Sports & Athletics, and Workplace Safety applications, and all can be deployed on a global scale. KIRSH is a START-UP NY participant and is headquartered in Schenectady, NY with its Research & Development and Manufacturing Operations performed in Queensbury, NY. KIRSH is immensely proud to have its helmet technology made by the hands of Veterans and Americans with Disabilities.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291