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Livity Outernational Careers and Employment in Topanga, CA

Livity Outernational

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Topanga | US
Moto & Powersports
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Livity is an accessories line that has been successful in promoting/selling its sustainable ethos and lifestyle to the active industry. Livity has been developed to promote positive change in the world through the creation of truly distinctive accessories that are uniquely branded, and made from sustainable materials. Our goal is to make it ultimately stylish and cool to be a conscious person by producing very high quality products infused with depth, and real meaning behind each item. Each piece is designed with an emphasis on comfort and individual style in mind. Livity seeks to work with individuals who are looking to bring their retailers a product that represents the evolution of the active industry toward creating products from materials that are organic, recycled, and biodegradable or employ methods of fair trade. Our team members come to us at all different stages of involvement and concern in the movement to become more aware about the lifestyle they promote as sales people. Together we continue to learn and grow a business that is not only developing rapidly but attracts buyers through its progressive message. Our business strategy is to become the leader in mainstream active apparel made from natural products this in turn allows Livity reps to gain both professional and personal development by exposing them to this new market and allowing them to make a living while making a difference in today’s world by supporting our business ethics. Aesthetically Livity constantly strives to differentiate itself in the market by ensuring that our product is commercially competitive and does not have the granola image associated with other eco friendly companies. Our product and its progressive message is featured around the world in skate and surf stores as far as Spain, Australia and Japan. Livity likes to say that “we’ve got the future written all over us.” We hope you can read it! Livity - knowledge above all else.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291