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lucy activewear Careers and Employment in Alameda, CA

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Alameda | US
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Back in 1999, when lucy was founded in Portland, Oregon, women’s workout wear was well overdue for a makeover. By the end of the eighties, leotards and legwarmers had given way to baggy shorts and ill-fitting college t-shirts. Why, we wondered, would a stylish woman dress for the gym like she’s going to a ninth grade PE class—for boys? Didn’t a brand exist that sold a wide array of attractive, athletic apparel for active women, that she could shop for in a boutique environment? The answer: No – and that’s why lucy was born.

Since then a lot has changed in women’s activewear, but one very important thing hasn’t. lucy still puts women first and makes clothes that stand up to the demands of women’s active lives. And although we know a lot of trendy options are out there, we continue to strive to bring you quality workout wear that make you feel as strong and beautiful as we know you are.


At lucy, we can’t stop thinking about women. They’re the center of what we do. We know women ask a lot of themselves everyday, so of course we expect a lot from our workout wear. We want it to perform, be tug-and-fiddle-free, make us look great and last a long time. We want it to work in the studio, the gym, the running trail and everywhere else, really. So we design clothes to fit our bodies like a dream, with style and performance we can count on. We make workout wear in a variety of size and shape options because we know that’s how women are made. We’ve always thought this idea was perfectly obvious, who knew it would turn out to be revolutionary?

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291