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Motonation LLC Careers and Employment in Santee, CA

Motonation LLC

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Santee | US
Moto & Powersports
When Motonation was created it was based on a philosophy of doing as many things differently from its competitors as possible. Based around a racing metaphor, "When racing you will never pass anyone by following them, you have to be creative and bold by selecting lines that the others have not used." Thus, Motonation offers the finest protective brands in the world in its own unique way. Motonation's presentation of the AGV Sport, ForceField, Sidi, SDS and Vemar brands is based on the fact that AGV Sport, ForceField, Sidi, SDS and Vemar offer THE highest quality, most technically advanced and most thought out motorcycle footwear, helmets and apparel in the world. All of Motonation's actions always support this belief. Motonation is not trying to reach #1 in sales with AGV Sport, ForceField, Sidi, SDS and Vemar. Instead our goal is to secure these brand's images as the #1 product in its category, which is not necessarily the same thing. Look at Ferrari. It's high tech, expensive, and exclusive, a brand that everyone would love to own instead of their Chevy. While AGV Sport, ForceField, Sidi, SDS and Vemar products will always be competitively priced, like Ferrari they are not available just anywhere. A consumer must visit a quality retailer to invest in quality.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291