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Planet Blue Action Sports Consultancy Careers and Employment in Jakarta, JB

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Planet Blue Action Sports Consultancy

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Jakarta | ID
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Planet Blue Action Sports are located in West Java, Indonesia, we are close to national parks, fauna and wildlife there are also busy cafe's and hotels on the tourist strips. We also have world class waves on our doorstep. You could head to West Java and surf the offshore islands at One Palm Point in a world heritage listed national park. Or maybe head to East Java and surf one of the world's most perfect left hand breaking waves at the legendary G - Land at Plengkung in Alas Purwo National Park.

During the month of May 2019 surfers from The World Surf League will be headed to Bali, Indonesia for a series of contests featuring some of the best competitive surfers from around the world. The Action Sports Market is growing in South East Asia and we have been living in Java, Indonesia for over ten years and have been actively involved in the market throughout Australasia.

Planet Blue Action Sports Consultancy - Are Action Sports Brand Consultants For The Surf, Skate, Snow, Industries. We have over 25 years of International experience in assisting brands to help take the next steps towards Brand Development. For further information please visit our website, social media profiles or check us out via google search ... Planet Blue Action Sports ...

Planet Blue Action Sports Consultancy Specialists In :

- Business Establishment

- Business Plan Building

- Brand Management

- Designs / Logos, Graphics, Apparel, Products

- Sourcing Factories Worldwide

- Production / Apparel, Action Sports Hardware, Accessories

- Sales / Marketing Strategies

- Web / Brand Analyst

- International Trade Shows

- Team Rider Development

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291