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Pretty Great | Bonfire, Nikita, Sessions & SLVDR Careers and Employment in Santa Ana, CA, CA

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Pretty Great | Bonfire, Nikita, Sessions & SLVDR

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Santa Ana, CA | US
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Pretty Great is a company based on the ideas that well considered product and brand authenticity are paramount. Pretty Great manages a small collection of brands that we feel have compelling, authentic and unique brand identities. Bonfire and Nikita are ideal brands for our system. It is our goal to ensure that each brand’s product offering, brand message and customer service are preformed at the highest level.

Nikita is a youth-inspired brand for girls who love an active lifestyle and have an edge to their style. With its birthplace being uniquely situated between Europe and North America and having a strong Scandinavian influence, Iceland provides a perfect foundation for Nikita’s unique aesthetic. Pretty Great plans to build on the original “feel” of the brand by providing fashion forward and unique product that allows our customers to have very wearable product with a bit of an edge.

Bonfire has a legacy that many other outerwear brands would love to own. Pretty Great wants to reaffirm the Bonfire history of a brand raised in the Pacific North West that is focused on producing high quality product that can excel in its back yard so it can perform anywhere.

SLVDR, pronounced "sal-va-dor"- Born in California and influenced by the world, creates high quality, well-considered designs in apparel. The SLVDR aesthetic is deeply rooted in attention to detail and timeless design with a relevant twist. The casual Southern California lifestyle of growing up at the beach, mountains and empty pools combined with inspiration from travels around the world mix together to form the inspiration for design. Attainable luxury summarizes the brand direction in that SLVDR provides premium materials and finishes for a reasonable price.

Sessions, is a quintessential board sports lifestyle brand. Born out of the love for skateboarding and music, Sessions quickly incorporated snowboarding and has been supporting boardsports since 1983.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291