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Sazzi Footwear Careers and Employment in Newport Beach, CA

Sazzi Footwear

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Newport Beach | US
Mark Thatcher, founder of Teva®, returns to the industry with the introduction of Sazzi® Footwear – a brand that represents his long standing vision to create the ultimate footwear collection for those who live an active, healthy, fitness-based lifestyle. Sazzi® provides the perfect balance of technological innovation, style, performance and comfort in modernized performance sport sandals. We call the sandals “Toe Motion™ Footwear” and one look will tell you why. We invite Sazzi® customers to “Connect” by way of experiencing the incredible support and lateral stability that our patent pending four toe post system offers – and by realizing deeper, more meaningful connections that exist between all of us to our past; to the environment in which we live and play; to ourselves – and to the product choices we make every day. Sazzi® was inspired by the original, ancient pueblo dwelling tribes of North America – the Anasazi People. The word Sazzi® (spelling in kind) today translates in native languages as a term of positive virtue and aspiration which means “to be light and agile, yet strong – like a feather”. It was the goal of these ancient ancestors to be light and powerful in mind and body everyday. At Sazzi®, we’re striving for a similar result by building performance footwear that better connects us to the environment and the outdoor activities we love. The Anasazi, ancestors to the pueblo dwelling Native American Peoples, were truly ahead of their time. They built and lived in sophisticated cliff dwellings. They wove complex patterns. And they wore well-engineered footwear. Their sandals utilized two toe posts to stabilize their feet for the hardcore terrain of the “Four Corners Canyon Lands” region in which they lived. Like the Native American Ancestors that came before all pueblo dwelling peoples, we understand the advantages of multiple toe posts including unmatched lateral stability for comfort and control. Sazzi® has merged the ancient with the modern in its new four toe posted footwear line. Our multiple toe posts allow for another stark innovation – the first split toe footbed sandal. Sazzi®’s revolutionary, patent pending designs propagate toe motion through the entire footbed to better connect the wearer to the environment. Connect…with Sazzi® - Toe Motion™ Footwear.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291