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She Ventures Careers and Employment in Los Angeles, CA

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She Ventures

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She Ventures a social enterprise with an event series and media platform focused on women in the areas of adventure travel, health and wellness, and outdoor experiences.

Our Ted-style talk event series and platform celebrates and ignites adventure as a way of life for women around the world. undefinedWe bring together rising female founders, leaders, athletes, change-makers, artists, activists in the adventure, travel, wellness, and outdoor space as one with our global community.

Beyond a platform, we are a movement and vibrant testimony that women can be anything we want to be. Our voice matters and provides inspiration for others.

She Ventures have taken place all over North America from San Francisco to NYC to Boulder to Vancouver, Canada. We've reached thousands of women and men with our event series since 2016 and look forward to engaging people around the world. Our events have also raised funds for 6 of our non-profit partners. We have 18 events planned for 2018.

She Ventures provides an excellent opportunity to authentically grow brand presence and reach the fastest growing women's active and travel market, especially in North America. We look forward to growing in Europe this year. More importantly, our events and stories touch lives. undefined

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291