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Singletrack Trails Careers and Employment in Grand Junction, CO

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Singletrack Trails

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Grand Junction | US
Singletrack Trails was unintentionally created out of a passion. The intent to create a company was never considered by the founder. The company was created one day out of a realization that the founder was paid more as a contractor than a seasonal employee. The path to a company was unconventional. This path led to disorganized growth, containing and organizing growth has been difficult. This document is to create a living document about the foundation of the company and the guiding light for how decisions and actions should be based to remain committed to the company culture that got us to this point. Singletrack Trails is a conglomerate of nomads and misfits. We are chasing the life of Never Never Land to live in the woods and create from our soul a product that some may never understand like a Jackson Pollack painting. This company is an artistic medium that allows the souls that comprise its heart beat to exhibit their inspiration of what the Earth presents us for each build. We, as a united group of company citizens, know that we have a common passion to create. Singletrack Trails is our gateway to creating art for the masses. As our art gains commissions, like Shakespeare, we are in need of more artists that take value in one for all and all for one. We are all ghost writing the next critically acclaimed sonnet under one name, Singletrack Trails. We all contribute to the final product. We all assist in training the new hires. It doesn’t matter the level of experience that you have when you join this team, or before you join this team. Each of us has the position in the company to manage our culture and our product. As we gain more artists that compose for our orchestra, we must develop a guiding light to make sure our souls are in sync toward the same collective crescendo. This document is a manifesto of those beliefs. It is a living document. Just because Greg reluctantly became a business owner, the values of this company are not solely his. James has been here since 2007, and the values are not his alone. Aaron joined this band in 2012, but his thoughts are not the only drivers installed on this motherboard. We all work together to keep the keel of this boat in the water during high winds. Each of us contribute to the culture that makes us a great company. The knowledge that we each bring from previous life experiences is vital to make us a group better.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291