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SoftScience Supreme Comfort Footwear Careers and Employment in Oceanside, CA

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SoftScience Supreme Comfort Footwear

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Oceanside | US


A few years ago two of the footwear industry’s most experienced executives, Scott Seamans a founder and chief designer of Crocs, and John Duerden former President and Chief Operating Officer of Reebok, and a former CEO at Crocs, got together and set out to design shoes that would take comfort casual footwear design to a new level. Shoes that from both technical and style standpoints would be different from anything else out there. Shoes that would take an uncompromising stand on comfort, but at the same time be stylish and fun, in a funky sort of way.

So they designed shoes that you can relax in, shoes that you can light exercise in, or shoes that you can work in comfortably if you are on your feet all day. Shoes that are ultra light, superbly cushioned, supportive and durable, at an attractive price point.

Shoes so comfortable that they will take your breath away!

In fact, the most comfortable shoes that you will ever wear.

So what makes SoftScience™ shoes so comfortable?

Trileon™ and the Levelast™ Universal Comfort Platform (UCP) are the foundation of all SoftScience™ shoes and the core of their unique comfort and performance.

Trileon™, a proprietary closed-cell foam, puts the “soft” in SoftScience™. We use it in our outsoles and in our removable insoles and it's what makes our shoes ultra-lightweight, impact absorbent, stable, and odor-resistant.

The “science” of SoftScience™ comes from the Levelast™ UCP, the footbed design which lies at the heart of all our shoes. It was born from two simple concepts:

  • Level: Shoes with minimal elevation changes from heel to toe keep the foot level, which is natural and healthy and helps disperse body weight evenly across the sole of the foot, reducing pressure points.
  • Last: A “last” is the mechanical form on which a shoe is constructed and is central to the design and fit of the shoe. Our last design allows for a generous fit which accommodates most foot shapes and sizes and allows the foot to spread out, relax and reduce tension.

By combining the cushioning and stability of Trileon™ with the Levelast™ footbed construction, SoftScience™ is able to offer uncompromising comfort across all our styles.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291