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Solspot Careers and Employment in Huntington Beach, CA


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Huntington Beach | US
Surfing is life, the rest is details Can you remember power surfing by Richard Cram, Tom Carrol and Pottz? Is your favorite movie Bunyip Dreaming? Is Curren at J-Bay your idea of style? Can you remember camping on the bluff at K38? Do you know where to go to get waves in any condition in your immediate locale? Where you at the OP Pro riots? Is your fondest memory in surfing getting barreled? Have you sold your encyclopedia britannica collection so you can afford a surf trip? Have you read the Dogs of Winter? So now that you know a little about us let us tell you a few things about our site. What? We supply surf forecasting through automated tools, intellectual knowledge and good ol fashioned partnerships. We are using data from Stormsurf, NOAA and WeatherBug for this initial release. We have numerous new features coming soon that we can’t tell you about, however you can register here to be updated when they happen. Our Mission Solspot is a company dedicated to presenting and forecasting the forces of Mother Nature in a way that enhances and elevates an individual’s soulful lifestyle commitment. This includes the ability to predict the ideal weather and conditions in a way that helps our users to make the most of their athletic prowess and artful displays of style. Our Company is committed to family values, environmental causes (obviously this will come with more time as our brand builds) and living life with open minds and hearts. Our end goal is to help provide the tools and the insight so that you can have more fun doing the things you love. About Us We are a small group of surfers working to produce a new tool for people who want something a little different. Our backgrounds include bartending, dishwashing, construction, waiter, pizza delivery driver, newspaper deliver man, and professional beer pong. We will continue to update this page with more information after we have completed the next phase of our site as we have way to much work to do. Plus our lives our boring. Go surfing, live life and enjoy our site You can stay informed here. Until then continue to browse our site with the links to the right. Mahalo…
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291