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Stepchild Snowboards Careers and Employment in Richmond, BC

Stepchild Snowboards

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Richmond | CA

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One day there was this kid named Tyke that rode for Sellout Ski Snowboards 9000. They paid him well (for three days) and then they told him to screw off. Tyke was angry that he got the boot cause he was now broke. He got the boot cause his Team Manager, Ball Suck, wasn't happy with the way he did his Switchpants Method Swirlers. Ball Suck put Johnny Shredalot on the team cause Johnny had just learned Mohanna Flips. Johnny Shredalot had an ugly girlfriend and "crosstrained" with in-line skates in the summer. He also listened to hip-hop music which Ball Suck thought was very marketable. Tyke listened to heavy metal and had a very hot girlfriend. She lent Tyke some money to start Stepchild snowboards. Years later the Sellout ski snowboards 9000 went bankrupt. Johnny Shredalot and Ball Suck phoned Tyke to see if they could get jobs with Stepchild. Nowadays Stepchild is making killer boards has a raging team, having fun and not really giving two f***s....
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291