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Struktur Society Careers and Employment in Oakland, CA

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Struktur Society

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Oakland | US
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Struktur Society is a creative community at the intersection of Design + Music. Struktur highlights the importance of creativity, innovation and vision of artists to our society as we speed into the future. Our world is changing rapidly and now more than ever we need that vision to map out a path forward. Critical thinking is necessarily paired with creative thinking to foresee which directions to take. Struktur fosters this thinking while providing artists with 1) Connection: a community of support, 2) Cultivation: a place to grow, and 3) Creation: resources to develop their vision.

Struktur isn’t just a place to gather. Since it’s inception in 2013, Struktur’s focus has been on three main directives: to offer Creative Inspiration, to build a sense of Creative Livelihood and that supporting ourselves as artists is possible and absolutely necessary, and to grow leaders and foster Creative Leadership in all of our industries. Struktur has hosted over 120 speakers from the likes of NASA, The North Face, Sound United, 99% Invisible, Arc’Teryx, Autodesk, the Biomimicry Institute, Biolite, Cotton Incorporated, frog Design, Field Notes, Giro, IDSA, Levis, Lynda.com, the Norman Lear Institute, Poler, Promostyl, REI, Stanley, University of Oregon, Woolmark, Wacom and Burton to name a few.

Struktur is unique in that it is built by creatives for creatives. Struktur gets to the heart of what drives the artist and then gives a safe supportive space to imagine and explore together. Those who attend Struktur drive change and strive to make a difference in the world through passion and action. Like the artist, Struktur constantly evolves. We are excited to see where Struktur takes us in 2021!

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291