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SurfAid International Careers and Employment in Encinitas, CA

SurfAid International

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Encinitas | US
Moto & Powersports
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SurfAid International is a non-profit organization dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering through community-based health programs. SurfAid currently works in an isolated region of Indonesia where many people are suffering and dying from preventable diseases. The goal is to achieve success with innovative health programs that produce lasting change, and position SurfAid to benefit more people through internal growth and partnerships with other NGOs. With the support of the New Zealand and Australian governments, the global surfing community, and most importantly the Mentawai people of the affected areas themselves, SurfAid has come to exemplify the healing power of cross-cultural partnerships. With an operating budget of $1 million, SurfAid USA is a pivotal fundraising arm of SurfAid International and benefits from a close relationship with the surfing community. For additional information about SurfAid International, please visit www.surfaidinternational.org.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291