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The Perfect SNow Careers and Employment in sydney, NSW

The Perfect SNow

sydney | AU
On the 12th day of January 2007 a new travel company was born. The proud parents were travel buddies Jamie Gray and Rhonda Burton, whose passions for surfing, skiing and traveling have nurtured this baby from birth into the global travel company we are now. Jamie’s 15 years experience working in the hospitality & tourism industry; and Rhonda’s 8 years at Flight Centre in management roles, plus their 17 years each of travelling experiences, and Jamie’s immense love and addiction to surfing and skiing - gave The Perfect Travel Group all the knowledge required to be a success from day 1. Their first office was a pokey little spare room under Jamie’s house in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, furnished with desks, chairs and cabinets that were being thrown out by Rhonda’s old Flight Centre store in a renovation. The Australian headquarters are still in our beloved Northern Beaches, but are now a 2 storey Headquarters with couches and flat screen TV to welcome clients, and office space for their passionate and dedicated team of 12. The secret to their success is that the number 1 priority has always been, and will always be, their clients. They now have literally tens of thousands of happy clients, and they strive every day to create new and exciting experiences that give their clients something more than just a holiday or a trip…..experiences that have the potential to be life changing. They spend every day meticulously researching and gathering information to ensure that their clients get the best total travel experience possible, and by visiting the destinations they sell, they can make sure every operator has the same focus on customer service, safety and the same lust for life as they do.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291