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Voleuz Careers and Employment in Montréal, QC


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Montréal | CA
History Although Voleurz didn‘t officially conspire to become incorporated until 2007, its origins begin circa 2003 when two of the founding members, Darren Rayner and Bruce Giovando, attended the University of Victoria. Living just doors apart in what was dubbed the “Cement Ghetto“, their shared interest for the mountains would be the catalyst for Voleurz. The Wonder Years That summer they moved to Whistler BC where they worked as “Lifties“ on Blackcomb Mountain. A semi sweet job being paid to help others enjoy the mountains in the way they could only do so on the weekends. It was during Whistler‘s long summer nights, crowded around unfamiliar kitchen tables that the ideas behind Voleurz were free to inspire them. The people they shared those kitchen tables with, unbeknownst to them, would soon form the support group known as the Voleurz Family. It was all very simple really: Darren liked making videos and snowboarding, Bruce liked designing and mountain biking and one thing was clear: when they returned to Victoria they were going to throw a party. The rest, as they say, is history. Voleurz was born for no other reason than to put a name behind the tee‘s being painted in the basement, the videos being filmed and the parties being thrown. They gave their hobbies an identity, and in doing so, justified all the time they had spent and will continue to spend doing what they loved. Crunchy Tiger, Sleepy Dragon The ability to sleep “anywhere, in any position“ is a claim not easily forgotten. Even more so when said claim is lived up to a mere seven hours after you‘ve only just met someone. Such is the case with Harvey Li. Waking up face down in a butter tart, hunched over what seems to be a common ingredient in our story – a Whistler kitchen table. This proved the following: a) Harvey was a man of his word, b) that he really could sleep anywhere, a skill, which no doubt has helped him cope with sleeping in our factory, and c) great things are bound to happen at kitchen tables. Not long after this incident Harvey would become our third partner and the main man behind our clothing operations. Our Name In the French language, the word voleur means “light-fingered“ and “thief“. This is purely coincidental. A French dictionary, being very commonplace here in bilingual Canada, happened to randomly open on the page where the word voleur staked its claim. Had we known the profound impact this word would eventually have in our lives then perhaps we would have spent more time contemplating it‘s underlying connotations and meanings. But how could we change something that so perfectly represents a purely spontaneous action, something that speaks more about the founders than the word and its meanings ever could.
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