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Zoo York Footwear Careers and Employment in Manhattan Beach, CA

Zoo York Footwear

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Manhattan Beach | US
Moto & Powersports
It began in the late 70’s with a group of graffiti artists and skateboarders known as the “Soul Artists of Zoo York.” It was an exploration of New York City using skateboards, aerosol cans and the love for having a good time. Evolving from Riverside Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, this group of graffiti writers and skateboarders built a scene in the North East, which eventually passed the word of the Zoo York crew across the globe. As the graf artists were bombing the local streets and giving the landscape a new identity, there emerged a need for a stronger organization. This lead Rodney Smith to begin Shut Skateboards with Bruno Musso in 1986. This was the first company to define the North East scene with a team of skateboarders and unique product. It was Rodney’s vision to keep the spirit of skateboarding and graffiti alive and thriving in the east. As it was still bound by the Riverside crew there was a model dedicated to the Soul Artists along side the infamous Shut Shark and Jeremey Henderson pro model skateboards. Around the end of 1991, Shut Skateboards ended and Rodney began to spread the word of his next and bigger venture: Zoo York. Rodney partnered with designer Eli Morgan Gessner and was soon joined by Adam Schatz to help finance and oversee Zoo York’s growing business needs. In 1993 the three partners launched Zoo York and the business officially began. The Company’s continually growing family includes original NYC graf artists and talent from the new and old school on skateboards, as well as BMX, motorcross and surrounding board sports. Zoo York is a family of individuals with the common goal of leading a life based on what they love to do. Now ten years deep in spreading the word, Zoo continues to explore the streets of New York City, through the Holland tunnel and around the world. It’s an experience and a way of life, its a product of those who created it and for those who live it.. This is Zoo York. Got it? Enjoy.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291