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San Francisco, CA, US (On-site)

Full-time | Editorial, Management - Brand, Management - Executive, Marketing, Marketing - Social Media

About the job

If you had a blank slate to start a live-streaming TV news network, what would you build?

BitTorrent has recently launched a live video streaming platform. Now we need a team to create a tent-pole live news channel to run on it. The News Director is the first dedicated member of that team.

You’ll decide what we choose to cover. You will define how we cover it. You will make sure our journalistic integrity and standards remain unquestionable. You’ll hire a team of San Francisco based journalists and presenters, and create and maintain a worldwide network of stringers. You will provide calm leadership and mentorship. You will have done most or all of the jobs in a newsroom. You can write. You can report. You can produce. You can shoot video. You can edit. You can anchor. We’re building a lean team to start, and early on we expect everyone will wear many hats. Somewhere in your past you have created something new and original from scratch.


Oversee day-to-day news gathering, news operations, news programming and live streaming presentation, including breaking news coverage, while keeping within budget constraints.

Define the culture of the news room. Define the structure in which the team operates.

Develop relevant content across all platforms, creating a cohesive standard for all aspects of the on-air presentation to maximize the BitTorrent News brand.

Provide calm leadership and drive strategy for news coverage by fostering a culture of creativity and excellence that identifies and connects with viewers.

Ensure newscasts are well conceived. Provide high quality coverage and accuracy to maintain the journalistic integrity of the network. Review content for fair and accurate reporting while maintaining balanced reporting and network credibility.

Identify existing opportunities (political campaigns, sporting events, tech and cultural events, etc.) to create presence that leads to market dominance.

Ability to work under pressure and react well to crisis situations while keeping the news staff focused and committed to performing their duties.

Oversee team evaluation and performance appraisal across the news organization while managing, coaching and developing news personnel to work and grow. Make hiring decisions and establish performance goals and guidelines.

How to apply:

Send us your reel.

Send us your resume.

Write 500 words on what you think works and doesn’t work in broadcast/cable news today.
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1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291