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5ones Launches Earth: Interactive Map of Surf, Skate, and Snow Spots. Huge Contest to Boot

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5ones Launches Earth: Interactive Map of Surf, Skate, and Snow Spots. Huge Contest to Boot

5ones, an online action sports destination, is launching a new web application today called 5ones Earth (http://5ones.com/earth/). Along with the launch of Earth, 5ones is also hosting a contest with tons of giveaways designed to reward individuals for adding new locations and information to the map.

5ones Earth is an interactive map for surf, skate, and snow spots as well as pro shops and company headquarters for the action sports industry. All spots and information is added entirely by the community. In additon to marking a spot, users can also add additional information, feedback on a spot, and even pictures of that spot. Users can also easily search for any type of spot or shop within any radius of a given location. This functionality is especially helpful for someone who is visiting a location they're unfamiliar with. "Think of it as a local search that is specific to action sports." Says 5ones Editor in Chief, Cameron Olthuis. "Our goal is to have the most comprehensive resource available for riding spots, so no matter where you're at you can always find the best places to ride and the best shops to grab new gear at."

In addition to the launch of Earth, 5ones has teamed up with ERGO, Fox, Odeus Skateboards, IPATH and DogFunk.com for a two-week contest where thousands worth of giveaways will come in the form of gear and gift certificates.  The contest is designed to encourage awareness and rapidly populate the map with spots. Users will be awarded points based on the spots and information. To track the ongoing results of the contest, 5ones has setup a live leaderboard (http://5ones.com/earth/leaderboard/) showing the number of spots each user has added and their total points. The contest will run for two-weeks and ends on May 19th.

An iPhone application is already in the works and should be available sometime this summer. 5ones has also been developing a user-generated surf report application that will be coming this month and will tie in some functionality with Earth. "We realize there are other similar applications already available on the web--" Says 5ones CTO, Patrick Bennett. "--but with the added functionality and the features we're set to launch in the near future, we feel there is still a void in this area and we can offer a better product to the action sports community."

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