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A New Vision for Women Arrives in the North America

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A New Vision for Women Arrives in the North America

Jee Vice Optics Launches Jee Vice North America Inc.

San Clemente, CA – Jee Vice is ecstatic to announce the launch of Jee Vice North America Inc. that will cater to the U.S.A. and Canadian markets. Pronounced “G-Vice,” the premium optics collection is focused on the new designs of tomorrow and completes the values among the young women of today.

“Jee Vice is a designer collection of sunglasses that is dedicated to the empowered young women of today. Whether they are artists, musicians, homemakers, business women, surfers or snowboarders, Jee Vice is a symbol of their values.” said Brandi Navarro, VP of Marketing for Jee Vice North America Inc., “We are excited to bring a fresh perspective to vintage influenced optics to the U.S.A. and Canadian markets.”

Exclusive to women, Jee Vice was established in France in 2003 and since its inception, Jee Vice has been the driving force for an entourage of artists, trendsetters, rock stars, business women and top action sport athletes around the world. The collection is created with influential designs from the 1950’s to the 1970’s, all hand made in Italy. The Jee Vice line features three compilations tailored toward inspiring women that are aptly named, Glam Rock, Luxury and Metal. The current collection range’s in retail pricing from $95 to $280.

About Jee Vice

Jee Vice is about leading a fresh charge of empowerment for women, across the world, through their own eyes. Jee Vice infects women with the influence to love culture, bleed passion, embrace commitment, and elevate the limits of a new vision for the women of today. Established in 2003, Jee Vice has pioneered the optic world by launching the original collection that is created exclusively for women and will continue this unbridled commitment forever. Jee Vice…with love and passion. For more information, visit www.jeevice.com



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