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A Useful Guide For Your Job Search From Start To Finish

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Chad Mihalick

Owner at Malakye.com

If you like to-the-point perspective and useful information, this practical guide to job search will be helpful to you. Here’s a compilation of topics from getting ready to start a job search through thoughts for your salary negotiations. Each read is less than 5 minutes and packed with useful points that will either confirm your thoughts or add to them. If you like these, please let us know and / or share this with someone who would benefit from it.

1. Quick Tips to Get Your Resume In Order & Activate Your Job Search

2.  Digging In To The Job Hunt - Make Your Applications Count

3.  Get Your Resume Past A.I. & Bots

4. Ditch The Idea of Cover Letters In Favor of Intro Letters.  More Casual; More Effective

5. The Art of Follow Up To a Job Application

6. Tips to Feel Awesome About Applying to Jobs

7.  Job Search During Covid-Crisis (And any time when open jobs dry up) 

8. Preparing for Your Virtual Interview

9. Fuel for Your Salary Negotiations

It’s always a good idea to grow your professional network. You know how sometimes you see new people and think you’d get along? That’s a great frame of mind when thinking about who you might want to connect with.

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