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Action Profiles Online Sponsorship Service in the Action Sports Industry

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Action Profiles, Online Sponsorship Service in the Action Sports Industry

A place where people come to learn, communicate, have fun, and get involved in the Action Sports Industry.

Huntington Beach, CA - Leading action sports networking community, ActionProfiles.com, offers brands a unique option to reach their demographic through creative online targeted marketing. Registered companies who use the Action Profiles service, are now able to easily advertise online to thousands of the site’s members, through a clever advertising program similar to Google’s Adsense service.

The idea was conceived from the mind of founder Brandon Winnie, who has been running the online business for a little over eight months now. “My goal is to get as many great brands involved as I can, and to do that you need to meet the demands of both the small start-ups all the way up to the big corporate companies,” said Winnie. “We thought about how online advertising is starting to catch up to us and it is gaining a lot of momentum, and we wanted to use this as platform in which company’s can control and regulate through our website. By using our service, they control how much they want to spend, how they want to spend it, and who they want to spend it on. We also wanted to make it user-friendly and easy to use at the same time”

The advertising system allows the user to upload their brand’s banner ads to the Action Profiles website. The ads are then displayed to the brand’s select demographic. “The company gets to choose the amount of impressions they want, the size of the banner ad and who they want to reach. They can do as little or as much advertising as they want, it’s fully in their control, and they get to see instant results and statistics on a daily basis,” added Winnie. “It’s crucial to us to keep the advertising core and unique and not sell out to all the big mainstream advertisers that you see on some of the other networking sites out there.”

Similar to Myspace or some of the many social networking sites that have been popping up here and there, ActionProfiles.com, allows athletes, companies and shops to upload content to a profile which is then viewed by thousands of people everyday. Dozens of Team Managers, Marketing Directors and even Owners are networking with hundreds of talented amateur athletes who regularly use the site and need support in following their passion. “A lot of these kids are really good at what they do but don’t have money to buy a new board or new parts for their bike, that’s when the Team Managers come in and help these kids out by offering their products at a discounted price or sometimes even free,“ stated Winnie.

“Action Profiles has been great, because I get tired of people just dropping an email asking to get sponsored and submitting one photo or sometimes no photos. AP is good because when someone hits me up for sponsorship I can check them out through the website any time I want,” said No Fear Athlete & Event Marketing Director, Toby Ogden.

Now Team Managers can work together with Marketing Associates to utilize all the tools that Action Profiles provides. Allowing for a better understanding of the always changing and progressive youth market. Action Profiles plans on releasing other key features and tools that will bring athletes and companies even closer together through innovative ideas and marketing concepts.

About ActionProfiles.com
ActionProfiles.com is the leading online Action Sports Networking Community. Headquartered in Orange County, California, ActionProfiles.com is located in the epicenter of the action sports industry and lifestyle. Whether it be creating professional looking profiles, communicating with other members via private messaging, checking local competition dates on the event calendar or browsing through thousands of the site's member photos and videos, ActionProfiles.com, gives anyone interested in the industry, a chance to progress, interact and gain exposure. The company's popular website attracts thousands of visitors from all over the globe and has proven to be a viable source of connecting people to the action sports industry.

For more information go to www.actionprofiles.com

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291