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Ailin Unveils its Spring 2007 Collection at San Diego’s ASR Tradeshow

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Ailin Unveils its Spring 2007 Collection at San Diego’s ASR Tradeshow
-New York Based Women’s Sustainable Clothing Company
Pays Homage to New Zealand at the Tradeshows with its Eco-Friendly Booth-

This September, two-year-old women’s sustainable clothing company Ailin (pronounced eye-leen) heads to the Action Sports Retailer tradeshow (Booth #934) in San Diego, California to present its Spring 2007 collection – a Homage to New Zealand. Ailin’s intention is to encourage participation with the outdoors by catering this eco-friendly clothing line to active and dynamic women. The collection is designed for the surf and outdoor enthusiast who is both stylish and graceful in performance. Taking the dedication to being an environmentally conscious business to the next level, not only is the collection sustainable, but the booth the collection is housed in at the show is also completely sustainable – a space that includes a sales counter made from coffee beans, furniture designed with downcycled cork, and bamboo furnished floors. Ailin exudes the type of lifestyle that its customers embrace and respect.

At September’s ASR, Ailin will present its Spring 2007 line consisting of several styles that are perfect to wear paddling out for a surf, mountain biking New Zealand’s single tracks, or out for a night on the town. The Spring 2007 line pays Homage to New Zealand, a land of adventure and fun in the sun, with a vibrant nightlife. The collection allows for an active inspired lifestyle, mixing in urban wear with performance driven pieces. Ailin uses dry wick performance fabrics, including water and wind resistance, bringing each piece’s functionality into a stylish lifestyle brand. Styles consist of boardshorts and swimwear, while the collection also includes stylish yet functional dresses, base layers, sport tops, performance driven jackets, lightweight pants, comfortable hoodies and summery and functional cover ups.

The Spring 2007 Homage to New Zealand color palette ranges from neutral tones, to aquatic shades of blue, among other brighter and more robust colors that represent the New Zealand lifestyle. This influence shines through in each style, including the Tologa Bay Dress, a flattering and functional piece that will come to the rescue during any dinner date wardrobe crisis. Made from a PCD polyester/elastoester blend, it packs away nicely while also flattering the female figure with a fabric that subtly hugs the body. Other styles you can expect to see in the Spring 2007 collection include the Hokitika Bloomies (a sporty cover-up for after-ocean play that can also be dressed up with flats) and the Twizel Jacket (a jacket that will protect you from harsh weather, while still showing off your girly figure).  Ailin’s vision is to give women who love the outdoors, the option to hold true to their eco-friendly roots while not sacrificing style. Most materials consist of PCD (post-consumer downcycled) filament yarn and highly advanced chemical downcycling of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and other polyester products such as fibers and films are spun into highly pure polyester raw material. 

Erin Bell, the founder and creative designer of Ailin, is an active alpine climber and surfer. Her intention and desire to create a multi-functional active-wear line for women that has a high wearability, integrates sustainability throughout each phase of development, while never compromising style, is what has fueled the launch of Ailin two years ago. The name Ailin is a representation of Erin’s Chinese name, which she acquired while living in China and learning to speak Mandarin. In Chinese, Ailin means “compassion for nature” – revealing itself as the natural and organic label for the clothing line. 

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291