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Alexis Waite Tests Laws of Physics on Stunt Junkies

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Alexis Waite Tests Laws of Physics on Stunt Junkies


Northwave/Drake rider and Roxy girl, Alexis Waite, will be appearing on Stunt Junkies Monday, May 7, 2007.  On the show she tests laws of physics to find the perfect speed to air off a 55 foot step up gap.  The show is set in the Mt Bachelor parking lot.  The huge step up was built by Pat Malendosk, owner of Planet Snow Design, and one of the best terrain crafters in the business. 


Alexis will be towed behind a snowmobile going up to 54 miles per hour.  After being dragged by snowmobile across the parking lot, Alexis will then be launched over the jump going up to 80 feet in sketchy, adverse weather conditions. 


Even under poor weather conditions, Waite still manages to stomp the jump and have fun doing it.  When asked about the whole demolition, Waite says, “Such a great jump!  The reason it wasn't totally fun was because on ‘stunt day’ a storm came in and I was jumping in a sideways-snow and wind storms along with total flat light.  I really couldn't see the landing until it hit my feet, and that was tough.  But, I still managed to have a good time”. 


Alexis gives props to snowmobile driver James Jackson for safely towing her up the step up with enough speed to land it without a whole lot of help from the weather.  Also, thanks to the Stunt Junkies crew for making things happen.  Check out Stunt Junkies this coming Monday, May 07, 10:00 pm ET/PT and see Alexis in the Snowboard Tow In episode on the Discovery Channel.

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