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ALLYANCE Coming in Hot for ASR

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ALLYANCE Coming in Hot for ASR

Coming off a very successful first time showing at Surf Expo, Allyance is coming in hot for ASR!!  With an expanded product offering for fall/holiday 08, team riders added and the rep mix set, Allyance is doing what it takes to go all the way!

“We’ve made some really significant steps in the last six months to grow Allyance the correct way and we’re here to stay,” states marketing director, Jason Arnold.  In September, Allyance previewed a limited release spring/summer line from the Goldbox Mission at ASR. “It was a launching point for us to tell the story,” says Arnold, “and in the four short months since then we’ve expanded the line to almost 250 sku’s to include cut and sew, denim, and accessories.  The step up for us will be quite noticeable at ASR; we’ve scored a spot on the floor that is arguably the hottest zone you could wish for and secured exclusive sponsorship of the Retailer Lounge. We’re looking forward to this show probably more so than any other in our respective careers, its make or break time and this brand is firing on all cylinders!!” 

Allyance has continued to build the ROGUE HERO army; surfers Albee Layer, Macy Mullen, Hopper Eichstaedt and Ben Graeff are on board as well as snow shreds Cody Rosenthal, Asa Martinez, Ivan Marcinko, Justin Rister, Danny Rein, Allen Strack, John Zarra, Stephen Laterra and Mark Keolker. 

“We’ll continue building the surf team and adding skate as well as getting up in the music mix; this is just the beginning and we can’t wait to keep rolling!” says Arnold, “We’re also creating some pretty cool events, particularly the SLEEVES gig we have coming up in which we include our dealers as featured artists and ask them to design a record sleeve that speaks of their shop and supporting crew. We’re then going to have a party in April featuring a wall of the customized record sleeves and the winning piece will become a t- shirt design for spring 09; it’s a really neat concept that our southern cal rep came up with and I think it’ll change the somewhat standard industry party format.”

Allyance has also continued to expand its rep base, most recently adding Theo Mitchelson in Florida, Paul Kuchno in Puerto Rico and Arvid Swanson in New England to an elite crew of sales people. 

Allyance is of and for the people!  Drop your definitions and stand alone, ROGUE HEROES!  We’re taking it to the beaches, streets and mountains; we’re rocking the bars and slinging stars!  Allyance is exclusive yet inclusive; jack the mainstream majority, be an upstart inspiration!  NO GENERATION!

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291