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American Textiles in History: Crompton Loom Works

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Jennifer Woodson

Textile Developer at JMW Textiles

Jennifer M. Woodson is a textile expert and consultant in the fashion industry.

The above in image was found in the original copy of the book "Textile Calculations" by E.A.Posselt. Crompton Loom Works was founded in 1860 by George Crompton, and is now part of a historic industrial complex in Worcester, Massachusetts. George Crompton's father, William, invented the first power looms to weave "fancy fabrics". The factory manufactured looms for the textile industry in the late 19th century until 1915. In the 1960s the facility was used to produce can packaging machines as well as bowling pinsetters. The historic building still survives today and is home to the Crompton Collective, a curated boutique marketplace located in a historic Worcester mill building in what is now known as the The Canal District in Worcester, MA. The Crompton Collective is "designed to celebrate our local independent makers and our love of old things".

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