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Announcing YaYaGirl Sport™, A New Line of Sports-inspired Apparel for Girls With A Passion For Sport

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Announcing YaYaGirl Sport™, A New Line of Sports-inspired Apparel for Girls With A Passion For Sport

Girls’ athletics is one of America’s fastest-growing obsessions.
Increasingly, sports play an integral part of many young girls’ lives.

Girls soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, surfing, skateboarding are amongst the sports experiencing unprecedented growth. YaYaGirl Sport, a new line of branded apparel designed to appeal to the young female athlete, makes its debut at the ASR Holiday Show in Newport Beach, CA, May 31 - June 1, 2006.

Newport Beach, CA  May 19, 2006 — Several years ago, Linda Burch, the mother of a super-athletic, fashion-minded daughter, had heard one too many complaints about the lack of hip, yet comfortable athletic wear with a decidedly feminine appeal. Everything was being made for the boys. After endless searching in sport boutiques and larger sporting goods and even fashion-oriented stores with her club-soccer playing daughter Lauren, and finding nothing that fit the bill, Burch hit upon the time-honored American tradition: Do it yourself.

Burch noticed that while some of the more astute surf and skate brands had realized the potential of catering to girls and are doing so in earnest, none that she had seen or heard of were designed for girls with a passion for all sports, and the empowerment that comes with it. She knew that her daughter, while mainly a soccer player, also enjoyed and regularly engaged in surfing, volleyball, snowboarding and skating, and by extension, that many girls’ athletic passions crossed over into a myriad of sports.

Inspiration struck. It occurred to Burch that there existed a vast, untapped market for a branded apparel line especially for girls whose passion is sport, and with that, the idea for YaYaGirl Sport was born.
Burch, with plenty of feedback from Lauren along the way, set about making her vision a reality. She discovered that Lauren, while enjoying dressier pieces in her wardrobe, treasures most those that are made of quality fabrics, fit great and are super-comfortable. Those three basic traits became the guiding principle behind the YaYaGirl Sport line.

With those core qualities in mind, Burch has cultivated an ultra-casual look with an athletic flair and a vintage feminine touch, combining the retro and the modern to create something unprecedented and unique, designed to appeal to active girls everywhere.

YaYaGirl Sport caters to girls ages 7 to 14. It sees itself as
representing the vanguard of a new youth movement driven by a true passion for sport and empowerment of the young female athlete, and exemplifies these concepts by employing the use of such slogans as “Live Love Play”™, “It’s Your Game: Own It!”™ and “Passion for Sport”™ on its apparel offerings.

YaYaGirl Sport will launch with its debut Holiday 2006/Spring 2007
collection at the ASR Holiday Show May 31 and June 1 in Newport Beach, CA. The line includes vintage velour pants in long, capri and jam styles, cotton fleece skirts and jam shorts, vintage tees, tanks, and thermals, and vintage crew fleece, as well as “fidel” and mesh trucker-style caps displaying the “Live Love Play” slogan and their “Frenchi” heart designs. YaYaGirl Sport’s overriding focus is on quality, fit and comfort.

In recent months, YaYaGirl Sport has positioned itself to come on strong in the girls’ sports apparel market, and is ready to make its presence known nationwide this coming holiday season and into 2007.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291