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ARCHER Components Named Finalist in ’20 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards

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Scott Boulbol


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ARCHER Components Named Finalist in ’20 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards
Paradigm-shifting D1x brings wireless rear electronic shifting to virtually any drivetrain at fraction of full e-group price

Scott’s Valley, California (December 17, 2019) — ARCHER Components’ patent-pending D1x Trail system is shifting the paradigm of electronic components in the bike industry, and the judges at the 2020 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards have taken notice, naming the product a finalist in this illustrious competition for January’s Winter Market.
Archer is one of only 30 out of almost 200 entries, and final winners will be named at the show on January 30th. The D1x unit, along with all finalists, will be on display at the Innovation Gallery on the show’s main floor throughout the event which runs from January 29-31 at the Colorado Convention Center.
According to th ORWM website, “The Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards recognize the cutting edge and carefully considered products and retail services from all seasons made famous at the trade show.”
And cutting edge is a perfect description for the Archer Components D1x Trail: The system, along with other products in their line, brings the many benefits of e-shifting to virtually any rear derailleur, at a mere fraction of the cost of a full component group. Along with added convenience and reliability, D1x can even fix issues caused by a worn drivetrain, bent hanger or other common problems. Through the mobile app, or on-the-fly with the bar-mounted remote, the system easily dials each shift, on any cog from 1-20 gears – which future-proofs the tech for the ever-increasing number of available speeds – to each individual gear with micro adjustments of a quarter of a millimeter!
Already common for years on the road – it’s now almost required equipment on the Pro Tour – there have been major recent advancements into mountain bike, including most World Cup rigs, and gravel bikes as well. Indeed, Archer will follow its debut flat-bar product soon with a drop-bar friendly remote. But until now consumers had to buy the whole component group, and they’re still prohibitively priced, often running $2000-$3000 for aftermarket groups.
The full ARCHER D1x packages ($349 - $389) consists of a bar-mounted remote with on-the-fly micro adjustability, and a frame-mounted shifting unit. Everything is included for the quick, simple installation through the Archer mobile app, which can be done in well under an hour. The app also offers a wide range of personal shifting customizations.
About ARCHER Components
Archer Components is a small team of riders based in California who design, build and test intuitive electronic components for every rider no matter what they ride. Their electronic shifting systems can be easily retrofitted to any mechanical drivetrain, so all riders can experience high-performance wireless shifting at a far lower cost. Archer Components: Shift Everything

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