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Atwater Opens Pop-Up Store

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Atwater Opens Pop-Up Store
Unique One Month Showcase of Custom and Premium Pieces From Collection

Atwater, the Newport Beach based surfwear line, today announced the grand opening of the Atwater Pop-Up Store which will showcase premium, custom and limited pieces from the line.

The concept of the Pop-Up store started with Generic Youth’s owner Jeff Yokoyama. Well known in the surfwear apparel industry for founding Maui & Sons, Pirate Surf and Modern Amusement, Yokoyma most recently created the Generic Youth label and store that appeals to the fashion conscious with a flare for highly customized pieces, all hand cut and sewn within the Generic Youth store. The fashion forward concept of having a store within a store was the brainchild of Yokoyama and Atwater would be the first label to participate.

“After we design, we use manufacturers around the world to produce our finished line,” said Dean Bradley, founder and designer of Atwater. “We love the Generic Youth approach of making each piece one at a time right inside of their store. In the Atwater Pop-Up store we will have custom drawn t-shirts, hand sewn graphics on our fleece, hand painted jackets, and all kinds of fun stuff. We just had fun doing it,” he continued.

“We also were able to recycle some of our pieces that we have had since our first season and transform them into one of a kind pieces with each a unique look,” said Spides Madison, co-founder and Design Director of Atwater.  “We wanted to offer something different and add some extra treatments that you would not find at local retailers,” he continued.

The Atwater Pop-Up store, located at 1609 Pomona St. in Costa Mesa, will celebrate the grand opening on November 3rd from 5pm-9pm with a free barbeque and special performance by band, The Pricks, and will run through December 1st. Normal store hours will be Mon-Fri from 10am-5pm and Saturday from 10am-3pm.

About Atwater

Created by design veterans Dean Bradley and Scott Madison, Atwater has quickly become a constant in Southern California menswear fashion. A casual, yet contemporary line combining classic surf styles with a street edge, Atwater consistently draws from the classic heritage of beach life, simultaneously incorporating an elegant, fashion-forward and more sophisticated side to casual surfwear that we call “City Surf”. The Atwater line consists of T-shirts, boardshorts, walkshorts, pants, jackets and accessories including hats by New Era. Atwater can currently be found at most major surf retailers including Jack’s, Surfside Sports, The Closet, Becker, Val Surf, Active Rideshop and fine retailers including Fred Segal and Nordstrom among many others.

About Dean Bradley
A graphic and fine artist, Creative Director, Dean Bradley is internationally recognized and considered a culturally significant designer in the new school art movement and surfwear industry. Bradley’s love for the beach culture has helped shape his graphic thinking and spirit of independent design. Prior to starting Atwater, Bradley served as Art Director for surf industry giant Hurley International where he began designing T-shirt graphics and transforming his artistic abilities into commercial success. During a six-year career with Hurley, Bradley became known for his versatility in original T-shirt graphics for the men’s and girl’s T-shirt lines. Bradley consistently created best-selling designs that continued to increase sales while always setting new T-shirt design trends in the industry.

About Scott “Spides” Madison
The recognized “boardshort specialist”, Design Director Scott Madison combines his love of surfing and fashion into the Atwater brand. With more than 15 years of experience as a designer, Madison established himself as a dominant industry player as the head of design at Hurley International, Madison played a crucial role in the success of Hurley at the transition from Billabong to Hurley in 1999. Madison is highly recognized for his design innovations and credited with creating some of the industry’s top selling pieces by bringing menswear fashion influences into boardshort design.

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