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B$Z: 5-Time X Games Gold Medalist Creates Successful Action Sports Complex

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B$Z: 5-Time X Games Gold Medalist Creates Successful Action Sports Complex

More Than 1,500 Visit BMX Pro Rider Daniel Dhers’
New Sports Complex in North Carolina

After just two months in business, the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex in Holly Springs, N.C., has seen more than 1,500 visitors, including some from as far away as Costa Rica, the Netherlands and Australia. Staff at the 37,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor sports complex just outside of Research Triangle Park say visitors have included a wide range of people with all different skill sets in BMX, mountain biking, and skateboarding.

“It’s really bringing people together,” said owner and founder Daniel Dhers, a professional BMX pro rider and five-time X Games gold medalist. “We’re seeing young kids coming with their parents, teen-agers coming on their own, adults hanging out with their friends. We’ve had people who have only ridden a bike on the sidewalk in their neighborhood all the way to those who have mastered some really difficult tricks.”

Dhers said the number of visitors is in line with projections made before the grand opening on May 3, but more importantly the enthusiasm of visitors matches what he hoped to recreate from his childhood. After teaching himself to bike on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, Dhers moved as a teen-ager with his parents to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he learned more professional moves from a community of experienced riders. After starting his career in 2006, he quickly became one of the sport’s top athletes.

“I wouldn’t be a professional biker today if I hadn’t been a part of that community of riders,” he said. “I wanted the action sports complex to create that same kind of community, and it is.”

Already, the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex has extended its hours for the summer, opening at 11 a.m. to meet demand from customers. Discounts on Mondays for hard-core regulars as well as for members of the military on the Fourth of July and for fathers on Father’s Day have also proven popular. Slots in a week-long Ramp Camp later this month to learn about BMX, mountain biking, and skateboarding are also filling up fast.

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