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B$Z: BERMA/EVIE GORE Signature Collection Releases Fall 2011.

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BERMA/EVIE GORE Signature Collection Releases Fall 2011.
Secret meetings, confidential skype conversations and private phone calls have plagued the office of Neil Ballard (Berma's Director of Design & Media) since he began this endeavor. Just a mere two months earlier, while researching upcoming trends, he decided to seek out a one-of-a-kind artist. Through different channels, including websites dedicated to the unknown and upcoming artists of the world, he found himself on the page of an artist at the young age of 21.  Residing overseas, in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, he came across Leva "EVIE GORE."  Evie possesses a very unique style of talent.  Inspired by her love of horror movies, she has honed-in her ability to easily show the darkness or light of everyday objects.  This, in turn, has given her a name in the tattoo community as well as brought her into the spotlight as a public figure in Lithuania.
"When I first approached Evie, she seemed very excited for the opportunity to work with the Berma brand.  Once the awe struck wore off from looking through her portfolio, I knew Berma had found
its new artist!" said Neil Ballard, Director of Design & Media. "After receiving several pieces from her collection, I pitched her the idea of her own 'Hear, See & Speak No Evil' collection with Berma. She was so excited for the opportunity, she finished all three pieces within the next 48 hours... Which is amazing, considering the pieces are flawless. The Berma team, myself included, couldn't be more
excited about this union."
The EVIE GORE signature "Hear, See & Speak No Evil" collection will be releasing this Fall (2011). The set contains three separate artwork pieces printed on t-shirts, with highlighting colors of Teal, Green & Red. This union has gained major buzz and popularity within the Berma following and apparel industry. Due to many requests, Berma released a promotional video which stars Evie Gore as she creates her artwork masterpieces right before your very eyes.
In addition to her three piece signature series, Evie Gore will be releasing additional pieces from her already "stuffed" portfolio. Including her artwork renditions of Dia De Los Muertos (Day Of
The Dead). For information on the final release dates of her signature collection, please visit www.BermaClothing.com for all your news and updates.
A Preview of the video can be seen at this URL: www.YouTube.com/BermaClothing


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