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B$Z: Boundless NY Debuts Its Menswear Collection for Winter 2010

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Boundless NY Debuts Its Menswear Collection for Winter 2010
Boundless NY’s new clothing label will coincide with the merger of King Stampede brand
Today, Boundless NY is proud to announce that it will be unveiling its inaugural menswear collection for Winter 2010 – a move that coincides with uniting the King Stampede and Boundless NY brands under one name.
Effective immediately, King Stampede will operate under the same identity and banner of Boundless NY, a property that includes two NY storefronts, an online retailer, a radio program and skate team represented by Daniel Castillo and Danny Supa.
“King Stampede has always been an extension of the same creative ideas and forces that are behind Boundless, so our decision to merge the two under one name was a natural one to make,” comments Nick Langella, Boundless NY Owner. “By bringing it into the fold as a Boundless NY branded label, we are now able to direct more resources towards developing the line to its full potential.”
Boundless NY’s first official offering for buyers will debut for Winter 2010 and it is a collection inspired by an imaginative journey across America during the mid seventies.  Consisting of bottoms, tops, outerwear and graphic T-shirts, the collection is reminiscent of American workwear and vintage outdoor gear, both known for their simplicity and dependability.  The timeless pieces are updated to reflect Boundless NY’s east coast sensibility through references to music, nature, mind expansion, and a counterculture spirit, which are all subtly sprinkled on trims, tags and other visuals.
The first delivery of Boundless NY Winter 2010 collection will be arriving at shops worldwide in October 2010. For a full look book and details on Boundless NY, please visit www.boundlessny.com.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291