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B$Z: China Action Sports Retail Summit and CASE

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China Action Sports Retail Summit and CASE

In the crusade to build participation and recognition of the Surfing and Skating lifestyle in China, Wabsono International and Surfing China held the “Surfing China Festival”, “China Action Sports Expo” and the first annual “China Action Sports Retail Summit” in the city of Hangzhou, Zehjiang, China.

Wabsono’s Director of Business development, Glenn Brumage stated, “China is so large, diverse and unfamiliar with Surfing and Skating that without the passionate participation of Specialty Retailers promoting the sports and lifestyle at ground level, our Action Sports lifestyle may never get any traction”.

For this reason Wabsono gathered US Retailers, Surf and Skate Brands as well as Chinese Retailers to the three-day Surfing China Tidal Bore Festival in order to start a dialog and share each other’s stoke for what we live.

The summit included panel discussions and Q&A sessions on how Surfing and Skating grew in the early years, how retail is evolving in China, and how US Brands and Independent Retailers partnered to grow the lifestyle and their businesses in cooperation.

Quotes from the participants.
Tod Swank, Owner, Tum Yeto. "Wow! Amazing! I am ready to go back. Hangzhou and Beijing are beautiful and so are the people. We are talking Communist China here. Totally not what I thought it would be like. The Summit was great. Really cool to meet Chinese entrepreneurs and hear their stories. Can't wait for next year. I'm excited for skateboarding in China. Not only as a business but as an emerging skate scene."

Cathey Curtis, GM Quiksilver Asia. “The team from Surfing China and Wabsano are doing the essential work to open up the doors for a real conversation about the development of action sports in China.   In doing so, they are working hard to show the size and scope of the business opportunity to entrepreneurial Chinese and government officials.  And, at the same time, they are also breaking ground for surfing and skateboarding in China.  By starting this effort at a grassroots level, with the amazing Tidal Bore surfing and skateboarding contest during the surfing festival – they are showing us all a way here in China that feels right in bringing  action sports to China.”

Mathew Morgan, Sales and Marketing Manager, Vans China. "The Case-China Retail Summit was a significant step towards validating the action sports retail channel in China.  We are looking forward to next year’s summit and the increased attention and awareness it will give to our industry."

Mike Duncan, President, Board Retailers Assoc. “I could not appreciate the huge differences in where Chinese retailing is today, compared to the US, without having participated in the Summit. The need for a combined effort by Specialty retailers and Manufacturers is as important in China as it was in the 60’s and 70’s in the US. The foresight and commitment by the Wabsono team in nurturing the fledgling Action Sports Lifestyle is a noble commitment. The Summit was an amazing opportunity for American surf and skate retailers to share our business knowledge and retail experience for the greater purpose of growing the action sport industry worldwide. In turn, it was equally inspiring to those that attended, to hear about the Chinese market and to experience the country’s culture firsthand. We look forward to working with the Chinese Core retailers and Wabsono in order to promote boardsports in this fantastic country.”

Frank Messmann, CEO / Partner, Black Box. “The market for Action Sports products in China is still in its infancy – but major growth is likely to happen very soon and having a forum such as the CASE / China Retail Summit to discuss issues, meet with potential retailers and generally exchange ideas was extremely valuable to Black Box and its brands”

RB Alexander, Co-Owner ret., Hobie Sports Ltd. “Surfing China 2010 was an iconic event!  It was well prepared and executed. The key to its success, was the topic of the well moderated and attended panel “How to encourage the emerging Action Sports multi-brand retailer”.  They must lead a “demand sided” business growth. The time has come and gone for the single branded “flagship store front.” China needs its own version of Surf and Skate specialty sports retailers.  This summit was a strong platform for the uniting and marketing of this theme”.

Milo Myers, Owner Hangar 94 inc. “The underground youth culture in China is so amazing.  The kids are so hungry to get their hands on authentic surf and skate products.

The skate scene is so ready to explode, and the government is behind the youth by allowing them skate in the streets.  With such encouragement from both the government and the Chines people this emerging market is ready to explode. I also found out that China has amazing Surf, but I’ll keep the Surf spots a secret. I can't wait to go back and explore the surf on my next journey.”

Todd Roberts, Co-Owner, ZJ Boarding House. “It's hard to put into words just how amazing my trip was to China with the Wabsono Group.  My experience in Hangzhou bordered on the surreal!  I was part tourist, part retail ambassador and part boat captain. It was a fantastic time meeting new friends, learning a new culture and witnessing the birth of Action Sports in China. The future is very exciting for the Chinese youth and their new opportunities to be participants Action Sports and the lifestyle.  Equally exciting, is the opportunity for American Action Sports brands to grow their business in another healthy, growing international marketplace.

In short, CASE was a great education and an opportunity rich adventure...  I'm looking forward to next year! Many thanks to Wabsono Int. for their hospitality, vision and guidance.”

For additional Information, contact Glenn Brumage gbrumage@cox.net
More on Wabsono International “China’s Action Sports Solution”
Established in 1996 , based in Hangzhou PRC, Wabsono operates four distinct and successful business units producing over 80 million rmb per year in business.

In two short years, Wabsono Internationals Action Sports unit has become a leader in the development of Action Sports participation and lifestyle in China. Wabsono currently specializes in Marketing, Promotion, Manufacturing and Distribution of the lifestyle and related products of Skateboarding and Surfing. Having a strong financial position, Wabsono is capable of spending the necessary time and effort to build brands while building the lifestyle in China.
Wabsono is committed to increasing the popularity of the Surf and Skate lifestyle in China


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