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B$Z: Connect SDSI Board is Bigger With Sun Diego's Dave Nash

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B$Z: Connect SDSI Board is Bigger With Sun Diego's Dave Nash

Bill Walton, executive chairman of CONNECT San Diego Sport Innovators (SDSI), welcomes Dave Nash, founder, president & CEO of Athleisure Inc., dba: Sun Diego Boardshops, to the SDSI board of directors. 

SDSI is a business accelerator that connects and drives the growth of San Diego's action sport and active lifestyle innovation cluster, now numbering 600 action and sporting goods companies. 

“Dave Nash is an extremely dedicated executive who offers great insight as to what makes brands, retailers and companies grow into successful businesses,” said Walton.  “This wisdom will be extremely beneficial to the SDSI board and the companies we aim to grow.  He will be an excellent addition to our team.”

Dave Nash is the president & CEO of Sun Diego Boardshops, an eight store chain of retail stores doing business throughout San Diego County since 1981. Dave and Sun Diego are actively involved in the community and promoting the industries Sun Diego represents. Dave and Sun Diego work with The Surfrider Foundation, Feeding America and Keep a Breast Foundation, as well as helping local high schools find funds for their programs. Dave is also a founding and active board member of the Board Retailers Association (formed in February 2003). Prior to founding Athleisure, Inc., Dave was the EVP of Snowden-Mize Companies, Inc., dba:  Snowden-Mize Sports and The Athlete’s Foot, a leading retailer in the 70’s and 80’s in the athletic shoe and apparel industry. 

“SDSI is the first organization of its kind dedicated to accelerating sports innovation and promoting the sports industry as a whole.  There is no question that an organization like this could have saved me years of heartache and stress associated with the social, personal and professional growth required to grow an action sports-retail business,” said Nash. “I hope to pass along, to the next generation of sport companies, the lessons I have learned building Sun Diego Boardshops.  If I can help them make one less mistake it will be worthwhile. I am honored to join this incredible group of entrepreneurs and executives that Bill Walton has put together and give back to the community that has kept me in business for nearly 3 decades.”

The recent SDSI Capital Forum, in partnership with Action Sport Retail (ASR), was one of many future programs that will embody the SDSI mission. This Capital Forum provided an opportunity for seven early stage sport companies to pitch their business plans to a group of angel and private investors specifically interested in the sports businesses space. Many companies were approached for second meetings. For more information on SDSI, the next SDSI Capital Forum and other events please contact Garrett Hale at (858) 964-1314 or GHale@connect.org

CONNECT SDSI is a business accelerator that connects and drives the growth of San Diego's vibrant sports economy by offering innovative programs and services for start ups, mature companies and service providers.  Building on CONNECT’s world-renown success accelerating innovation in San Diego over the past 25 years, CONNECT SDSI offers mentoring, education and capital funding opportunities for start-ups; best practice collaboration, access to new technology, and public policy advocacy for mature companies; as well as deal flow to our service providers and the San Diego investment community. 

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