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B$Z: DC Snowboarding's Winter 16 Mutiny Boot

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Katie Ferraro

DC Snowboarding is fired up and ready to take on the new year with its winter 16 team favorite boot, the Mutiny. The Mutiny was born from the simple idea that snowboard boots should feel more like skate shoes but it reaches far beyond the basics, offering the notorious comfort and performance of lace closure backed by the unmatched board-feel of DC’s lightweight Contact Outsole. It’s the new custom for freestyle performance in a traditional lace boot.

The Mutiny is purpose-built with wrap lock technology intended for zonal closure allowing riders to run the boot to their personal comfort. It’s the boot of choice for team riders Iikka Backstrom and Justin Fronius for getting busy in the streets because it delivers stability with a clean balance of flexibility to match their riding styles.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291