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B$Z: G-Form Taps Verde PR For Brand Communications Partnership

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Pioneer and leader in impact protection technology joins forces with Verde as its agency of record for elevating brand awareness and strategy for continued growth.
Press Release from Verde PR

PROVIDENCE, RI - G-Form®, the pioneer and innovative leader in impact protection technology for athletes, has teamed up with Verde PR & Brand Communications as its agency of record. The partnership combines G-Form’s® progressive vision in high-quality protection with Verde’s diverse, 12-year experience in endemic and non-endemic markets to enhance brand messaging, promote category growth and reach new demographics.

“Verde is an ideal partner to grow with as we continue to advance our innovative products expanding into new, emerging markets,” said Parker Brown, Director of Marketing and Communications at G-Form®. “We pride ourselves on developing top-quality products from an athlete’s point-of-view rather than creating them from a boardroom-down marketing approach. Verde has the proven experience, resources and connections necessary to support G-Form® in telling our story and helping us grow in the future.”

Based in Providence, RI, G-Form® is widely known for its durable, test-proven protection that offers an unmatched combination of support and comfort for bike, skate and snowsports. The brand looks to continue its commitment to its heritage as it expands its product line into the mainstream sports of soccer and hockey with exclusive partnerships with the Football Players Union of Portugal and Bauer Performance Sports, respectively. G-Form® also produces protective cases for consumer electronics that feature the same category-leading impact technologies trusted by athletes around the world.

At the core of G-Form’s® superior protection is its proprietary RPT™—Reactive Protection Technology™—a rate-dependent material that remains soft and flexible during normal use to allow for maximum comfort and freedom of movement, but hardens on impact for maximum protection. What makes RPT™ truly unique is G-Form’s® ability to use it in ergonomic slim-fitting applications, providing the same protection of other products on the market without the bulk.

“Not only does G-Form® utilize cutting-edge technology to create some of the most versatile lines of protection and apparel, it is a core brand with authenticity—something that goes a long way in the industries we specialize in,” said Kristin Carpenter-Ogden, President and CEO of Verde. “I think everyone at Verde can relate to that, and we are excited to support the brand’s key initiatives and growth trajectory with high-octane creative and execution strategy.”

About G-Form®
G-Form® LLC is a pioneer in the advancement of impact protection technology for athletes. The company's proprietary next generation materials and composites combine high-level impact protection with comfort, style and complete freedom of motion. G-Form® also makes protective cases for consumer electronics that feature their same innovative impact technologies trusted by athletes around the world. G-Form® has also become the chosen protective equipment of professional stunt men and women and athletes across multiple extreme sports categories. For more information on G-Form®, visit:

About Verde
With offices in Jackson, WY, Durango and Boulder, CO, Verde PR is a full-service traditional and digital public relations, brand communications, marketing, branding and consulting agency, with an emphasis in sustainability. Verde’s clients are rooted in the outdoor, cycling, action sports, snowsports, active lifestyle, consumer electronics and travel markets, as well as the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) markets. For more about Verde PR, visit:

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