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B$Z: Interbike and NBDA Take Next Steps on Manifesto Discussions

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Katie Ferraro

Interbike, the largest bicycle industry trade show in North America in partnership with the National Bicycle Dealer Association (NBDA) today announced specific agenda topics and goals to be discussed and debated at The IBD Summit, January 12-14, 2016 in Tempe, Arizona. The event’s theme “Building a Sustainable Future for the Bicycle Industry” will serve as the foundation for the small group breakout discussions. The two groups are looking to build upon what was started at the previous Summit and what ultimately lead to the creation of The Manifesto for Change.

“I’m excited to be working with Pat and his team on formulating the content for these important breakout groups,” said Todd Grant, Executive Director of the NBDA. “I think what was started last year was a solid beginning, but there is so much more we need to do if we hope to make meaningful change in our industry. The starting point is a review of the Manifesto to make sure it still resonates, or if we need to make any amendments to it. From there it becomes a discussion about where we are headed and what our industry looks like in five and ten years from now, particularly the evolution of the store itself and how we deliver the highest quality experience to our consumers.”

The groups of 12 to 15 attendees will be a mix of retailers and suppliers and each group will be given specific assignments and questions for debate and tactical solutions. A few examples of discussion topics are included here: 

Day One:  The Bike Store of the Future.

  • In an Omni-channel world, what is the relationship between online and brick & mortar sales in the IBD of the future?
  • Mobile repair brings the “bike store” to the consumer.  With increasing representation of bicycle accessories on these vehicles, are they bike stores without the bricks?  What role can they play in the IBD distribution model?
  • Today’s millennials are tomorrow’s middle-aged. How will the IBD support their shopping habits in a way that meets this consumer’s (and trailing groups) needs and desires, while maintaining and encouraging the IBD and consumer relationship?

Day Two:  The Retailer and Supplier Relationship of the Future.

  • Diminishing foot traffic into retail stores: What’s driving it and how can we work together to reverse this trend?
  • Product Introduction Cycle: Most agree that for today’s business needs the current cycle can inhibit growth and profitability. How do we break out of a legacy system and what does the future product “cycle” look like?
  • Embracing New Markets and Technologies: Breaking down the barriers that impede acceptance and success.
A full list of topics and questions will be disseminated in advance of the event so that both retailers and suppliers can prepare for the discussions.

“We recognize that there is a lot of angst in the market right now on both sides of the equation and that concerned parties want to talk about these issues and work towards improvement,” said Pat Hus, Vice President of Interbike. “People that want to be heard and want to make a difference need to show up and be a part of these conversations. This is an opportunity for people to take more control of their own destiny.”

Retailers can register at The IBD Summit website (www.theibdsummit.com), where they can also find a list of speakers and their biographies, more in-depth session descriptions, the event schedule and more.
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