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B$Z: Introducing the Super Squad, the First-Ever Ambassador Program for Superfeet

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Katie Ferraro

Superfeet, the leading maker of insoles for the active lifestyle and outdoor industries, announced today the introduction of their first-ever ambassador program. The brand, which originated in 1977, welcomes their first eleven ambassadors into the ambassador program, called the Super Squad, with hopes of growing the group in years to come.

The current Super Squad ambassadors were hand-selected by the company based on their abilities to inspire, motivate and influence others. No matter their outlet for doing this—running, biking, hiking or simply being on their feet all day—this group of varied individuals go above and beyond accomplish amazing things.  Many of them had already reached out to the brand asking about an ambassador program. And, all of Superfeet’s ambassadors were already wearing the company’s insoles when they were selected for the Super Squad. Superfeet hopes to utilize the ambassadors’ existing knowledge of the brand to expand their product testing efforts and loop in more feedback as they dive into future product lines.

Superfeet is known for having an exceptionally loyal fan base, with 80% market share in the outdoor and active lifestyle industries. More than 50% of their customers own at least three pairs of insoles.

Professional mountain biker Lars Sternberg, mother of four and photographer Roxanna Froese, and avid hikers Justin and Patrice LaVigne represent the many walks of life the Super Squad come from. But, they all have something in common—a little extra support in their shoes has helped them go further and do more. In essence, they are living models of Superfeet’s latest advertising campaign:  Step out of the ordinary, Step into Superfeet.

“This is a long overdue program for us,” says Amy Olive, Superfeet’s marketing specialist. “We hope this program will tap into the enthusiasm from some of our serious fans and help us spread the word that when your feet feel their best you can push yourself to new heights.”

To learn more about Superfeet’s ambassadors and see profiles on all 11 Super Squaders, head here: http://www.superfeet.com/en-us/ambassador

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