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B$Z: K2’s 2015/16 Ski Equipment is all about Serious Fun

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Katie Ferraro
 K2 Skis, long known for its versatile All-Mountain products and fun approach to skiing, introduces a new generation of gear built to help skiers take their enjoyment of the entire mountain to the next level. The E3 (Energy Efficient Engineering) design philosophy used in the creation of K2’s 2015/16 skis, boots, poles, helmets, goggles and backcountry accessories played a key role in the development of a fully integrated line of seriously fun products.

The E3 approach uses the Energy of a skier and the terrain that he/she is skiing to determine Efficient overall design and material choices. Taking these two ‘E’s into consideration, the third and final ‘E’ refers to the Engineered product built for today’s All-Mountain skier. Although E3 was used to develop the entire line of 2015/16 products, special attention went into the creation of the entirely new All-Mountain Men’s Konic and Women’s Luv ski collections. 

“Since our inception, we have remained committed to the All-Mountain skier,” said Darrin Haugen, K2 senior global product director. “Every single design and construction concept is tested in a variety of conditions that can be encountered in a normal day of skiing including groomers, chop, moguls, crud and even hardpack or powder. Keeping our focus on everyday skiing, and away from the racecourse, allows us to deliver more intuitive products that help skiers have more fun!”

Just like the introduction of the legendary K2 5500 All-Mountain ski over 30 years ago, the early adoption of twin-tip skis in the 1990s and the development of Rocker technology in the early 2000s, K2’s new line of E3-designed gear changes how skiers get to enjoy the mountain.

K2’s commitment to a single design philosophy across its entire product line means skiers can count on their gear to work great by itself and even better when paired with other K2 products. From skis and ski boots smoothly transferring energy, to the perfect integration of helmets and goggles and the flawless organization of the BackSide tools and packs, the K2 Skis E3 design philosophy allows the All-Mountain skiing experience to be nothing but serious fun!

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