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B$Z: VIVOBAREFOOT Presents Soul of Africa Partnership

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VIVOBAREFOOT Presents Soul of Africa Partnership

Generates Employment and Funds Long Term Assistance in South Africa

Creating much needed employment, funding child care and development centers, children's homes, and school improvements, the Soul of Africa collaboration combines VIVOBAREFOOT Sole Technology with beautiful, natural Ethiopian leathers to create shoes that are not only good for the feet, they're good for the soul.

With a 100% of all profit donated back to help fund Soul of Africa projects, the organization has helped over 10,000 African orphans since its inception in 2003. Sourcing local factories and tanneries in Ethiopia, profits from sales of VIVOBAREFOOT's Soul of Africa collection are used to make a lasting impact in the lives of many of South Africa's orphans, by helping to fund schools, drop-in centres and refuges that provide children with a place to live and to learn, to feel safe and to feel loved.

"Sourcing local leather creates and sustains local industry. The manufacturing plant provides employment for the community and the profits go back into the area as the cycle is defined to be sustainable beyond once-off financial assistance," says Galahad Clark, VIVOBAREFOOT managing director. "The fact is while cash can help. And temporary employment can solve problems in the short term, the lasting solution to communities in need is self-sustainable employment."

VIVOBAREFOOT's Soul of Africa collection consists of five styles for both men and women, the SOFA: GOBI, RA, DAISY, JING JING, and new for this season, the TIGRAY.

With a uniquely Soul of Africa silhouette, the SOFA TIGRAY takes inspiration from the class slip-on combined with the Oxford lace-up. Made from premium leather, the TIGRAY can be worn in two ways – with the heel cup or laid down flat giving you the choice of a smart or casual shoe in one. A portion of this shoe's profits goes to the Soul of Africa Foundation.

Co-founded by Lance Clark of Clarks shoes, the Soul of Africa charity provides opportunity for Ethiopian communities to benefit from long term assistance through the manufacture and

production of its VIVOBAREFOOT Soul of Africa range. VIVOBAREFOOT sources local factories and tanneries with the highest ethical and ecological standards, a foremost requirement of the brand and its charitable partners.


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